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We love our ice cream, it’s awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Here is a small selection of quotes from customers who have reached out to tell us how they feel about our ice cream too. Check out more on the home page:

  • I certainly have never eaten a more delicious ice cream in my life.  I am 63 and have eaten ice cream all across the oceans.  I bought a pint of amaretto and pralines. Turned right back the next day and bought 3 more.  Thank you for making my dessert experiences so special.

    Christa McF.
  • I'm just writing to tell you how amazing your ice cream is! I have had the Spumoni and Cannoli flavors so far and can't wait to buy more! It is beyond delicious!

    Nichole, NJ
  • We have been buying your ice cream and we love it. The cannoli and tiramisu are out of this world. We just had to let you know.

    Adele, NJ
  • Tiramisu is the best! I went back to get more and it was all gone. Look forward to the next shipment.

    Florance, NY
  • As a senior saying this is a compliment. Your ice cream is the BEST I have ever eaten. Found it recently and it is superb. Thanks…

    Bonnie G, CA
  • We had your strawberry ice cream on [our] Cruise and LOVED IT...

    Kristina, TX
  • I bought one pint Italian Biscotti…. After first bite, I went immediately back to the store and bought 10 more pints…

    Janet, CA
  • I recently bought some pints from Grocery Outlet; however, they are out and I have a terrible craving for the best ice cream ever invented! I respectfully tip my hat to you for a job well done.

    Ken, CA


Special offers to celebrate our new e-commerce website launch

Published October 12th, 2018 by Sanbernardoadmin

This month San Bernardo Ice Cream is finally available directly to your door via our brand new website. We're offering all our Escapes premium ice creams including Tropical Escapes, Asian Escapes, American Escapes and Italian Escapes. We're also offering our delicious desserts, including Ice Cream Truffles, Sorbet Fruit Shells, Apple Torts, Lava Cakes, Giant Cookies and Giant Brownies for the first time to consumers. 

There are so many great treats to try, we've built some Combo-Packs to let you sample everything we have to offer too. Check out some of our favorite picks like the Ice Cream Sandwich Kit, the Taste of Italy Dessert Pack, or the Caramel Lovers Dessert Pack. Simply mouth watering!

We're so excited about launching our new e-commerce hub that we're literally giving away 2 FREE PINTS of our Escapes ice cream to every customer who makes an order on our site. This offer won't last forever, so take advantage of it while you can! (Offer code: 2FREEPINTS)

But that's not all..... Just because we care, we're not charging for shipping! Yes, we are giving every customer FREE SHIPPING on every order, every time. No minimum.

Yes, we're crazy. Yes, it's a good deal. Yes, you should jump on these amazing offers while they last! You're welcome!

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