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We love our ice cream, it’s awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Here is a small selection of quotes from customers who have reached out to tell us how they feel about our ice cream too. Check out more on the home page:

  • I certainly have never eaten a more delicious ice cream in my life.  I am 63 and have eaten ice cream all across the oceans.  I bought a pint of amaretto and pralines. Turned right back the next day and bought 3 more.  Thank you for making my dessert experiences so special.

    Christa McF.
  • I'm just writing to tell you how amazing your ice cream is! I have had the Spumoni and Cannoli flavors so far and can't wait to buy more! It is beyond delicious!

    Nichole, NJ
  • We have been buying your ice cream and we love it. The cannoli and tiramisu are out of this world. We just had to let you know.

    Adele, NJ
  • Tiramisu is the best! I went back to get more and it was all gone. Look forward to the next shipment.

    Florance, NY
  • As a senior saying this is a compliment. Your ice cream is the BEST I have ever eaten. Found it recently and it is superb. Thanks…

    Bonnie G, CA
  • We had your strawberry ice cream on [our] Cruise and LOVED IT...

    Kristina, TX
  • I bought one pint Italian Biscotti…. After first bite, I went immediately back to the store and bought 10 more pints…

    Janet, CA
  • I recently bought some pints from Grocery Outlet; however, they are out and I have a terrible craving for the best ice cream ever invented! I respectfully tip my hat to you for a job well done.

    Ken, CA


San Bernardo Ice Cream Sailing Home to Cuba After 40 Years

Published July 27th, 2016 by Sanbernardoadmin

Miramar, Fla., July 18, 2016 – The ice cream revolución that is San Bernardo continues at home and across the seas. San Bernardo, once a leading dairy and ice cream company in Cuba, came to the United States with the exiled Cuban community in the 1950’s and has finally returned home for the first time in 40 years!

The first ship to sail from Miami to Cuba earlier this summer was carrying San Bernardo’s Latin and Caribbean inspired ice cream flavors, as will other cruise lines heading to Cuba, giving all on board a taste of their vacation destination before they arrive.

With exotic flavors like Guanabana, Mamey and Guava con Queso (with cream cheese) and everyday favorites like Mango, Coconut and Pina Colada, San Bernardo Ice Cream’s specialty Escapes® flavors were a natural menu enhancement for the first US ship to visit Cuba in nearly half a century.

“When my father took over the company in the 1970s we were ahead of our time with the Latin and Tropical inspired flavors. When we re-introduced the flavors we hoped one day to return to the roots and traditions of the company’s Cuban heritage, but we never thought that the opportunity would come so quickly,” said Jonathan Tammara, President of San Bernardo Ice Cream.

Tammara continued: “I couldn’t believe it when I found out our brand was going home! It’s really exciting to be working with the cruise line industry. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with all the cruise lines sailing to Cuba and expanding our Tropical Escapes® flavors on board their vessels. Having our ice cream on board as this historic event unfolded was the cherry on top of the sundae.”

“We’re extremely proud of our heritage” said Robert Tammara, the patriarch of today’s San Bernardo Ice Cream. “With our tropical ancestry always on our minds we knew the time was right to re-introduce the original flavors that made the company great when it first started. We have gone beyond the cruise lines; our Tropical Escapes collection is available in retail stores around the country. Now people can have a little taste of Cuba and the tropics before they set foot on any ship.”

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