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We love our ice cream, it’s awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Here is a small selection of quotes from customers who have reached out to tell us how they feel about our ice cream too. Check out more on the home page:

  • I certainly have never eaten a more delicious ice cream in my life.  I am 63 and have eaten ice cream all across the oceans.  I bought a pint of amaretto and pralines. Turned right back the next day and bought 3 more.  Thank you for making my dessert experiences so special.

    Christa McF.
  • I'm just writing to tell you how amazing your ice cream is! I have had the Spumoni and Cannoli flavors so far and can't wait to buy more! It is beyond delicious!

    Nichole, NJ
  • We have been buying your ice cream and we love it. The cannoli and tiramisu are out of this world. We just had to let you know.

    Adele, NJ
  • Tiramisu is the best! I went back to get more and it was all gone. Look forward to the next shipment.

    Florance, NY
  • As a senior saying this is a compliment. Your ice cream is the BEST I have ever eaten. Found it recently and it is superb. Thanks…

    Bonnie G, CA
  • We had your strawberry ice cream on [our] Cruise and LOVED IT...

    Kristina, TX
  • I bought one pint Italian Biscotti…. After first bite, I went immediately back to the store and bought 10 more pints…

    Janet, CA
  • I recently bought some pints from Grocery Outlet; however, they are out and I have a terrible craving for the best ice cream ever invented! I respectfully tip my hat to you for a job well done.

    Ken, CA


Foxy Brown Ice Cream For Breakfast Giveaway Winner

Published April 1st, 2019 by Amanda

We are delighted to announce the winners of the Ice Cream Dessert Party Giveaway that we held at The Foxy Brown on Feb 2nd in honor of Ice Cream for Breakfast Day. We partnered with Foxy Brown for a day of amazing ice cream breakfasts, freebies, and samples.

Our lucky winner of this amazing Ice Cream Party was Kimberly Dnedy @sheeatsndrinks who used her prize to hold an ice cream party for adoption families in TX. Kimberly had just disembarked off a cruise in Fort Lauderdale and was looking for a fabulous restaurant for brunch, which she surely found, before heading on a flight back to Texas.

Check out these great pics from The Foxy Brown and Kimberly's party.

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