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45 Years of Tasty Tradition In Every Scoop

Wholesale & Food Service

San Bernardo® Ice Cream, offers a complete line of high quality, delicious ice cream and frozen dessert products.   San Bernardo® Ice Cream comes in over 125 everyday and seasonal flavors in a variety of sizes.  San Bernardo offers everything from a 10% value product that balances both price and quality to a line of premium products that will send your taste buds into overload.

Produced at a state of the art facility, San Bernardo® Ice Cream uses the most modern stabilization processes to minimize heat shock and keep the texture smooth, creamy and, of course, delicious.  All San Bernardo products are EU certified and Kosher OUD.

San Bernardo Ice Cream makes not only traditional Ice Cream of various grades, but also sorbets, sherbets and frozen yogurt. Click a category below to view out complete list of product offerings.